(2022) Extended GodMode Free download for Windows 11

Extended GodMode is a lightweight utility that does not only allow you to access this critical folder, but also packs several other features that may come in handy.

Full setup : Extended GodMode

Complements the existing features of the God Mode function

If you have ever tried to activate the God Mode folder, then chances are that you will notice that there are around 200 items to help you customize your computer usage, depending on the operating system version and current configuration of your system. The idea behind the app is to make all these features even more easy to access, especially since they are displayed in a single interface and can be grouped and even add favorites.

The application also integrates tools that you are likely to use when customizing the OS, namely the Control Panel and Admin Tools elements. Moreover, it provides a quick link to the classic God Mode, in case you would like to double check a setting that you want to modify. Given the nature of the tool, it goes without saying that it addresses advanced users who understand the modifications they are about to make as well as the consequences they have on the OS.

Comes with a search engine where you can perform quick queries

A noteworthy feature of the tool is the search engine that provides a convenient way to look for various functions related to system, power, network, screen, fixes, so on and so forth. Moreover, the program allows you to save your individual searches and create groups so that you can access all the desired settings faster.

(2022) Extended GodMode Free download for Windows 11

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