(2022) SRS Street Racing Syndicate Game Download For Windows 10

SRS Street Racing Syndicate game download for windows PC. Nitrous-fueled street racing has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. For a long time, the only place where international racing fanatics could get their dose was at unofficial “tracks” scattered around the landscape. For aspiring racers, the midnight races offered a world of opportunity: respect, and wealth.

Unfortunately, the high-stakes lifestyle of the Fast and Furious crew isn’t for everyone, which is why Namco developed and released Street Racing Syndicate in 2005. Namco set out to incorporate the intricacies of real-world street racing in SRS. Instead of going the arcade approach like the Need for Speed Underground series, Namco decided to go for a realistic racing experience.

Street Racing Syndicate brings the gritty, high-stakes world of illicit street racing to life. Over 40 realistic licensed cars can be customized with components from over 15 real-world manufacturers, then unleashed on the streets of three cities across the United States. Put your wallet, your love, your pride, and your wheels on the line. For the first time, compete against opponents from all around the world in online pink slip races. The only thing standing between you and victory is the distance between the pedal and the floor, thanks to a slew of precisely tuned, nitrous-fueled horses under the hood.

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Features of Street Racing Syndicate

Street Racing Syndicate is one of the most realistic street racing games ever released on the PC.

Win cash, street credibility and impress girls.

If you miss a turn or collide with another racer, you’ll take damage in real time.

Closed-circuit and dangerous open-city races.

Technical Specifications:

Title Street Racing Syndicate Game Download
File Size 1.1 GB
License Free
Requirements Windows 10 7 XP
Author Namco

Street Racing Syndicate Racing download link:

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