Officially the Champions League final English.

Officially the Champions League final English.

Tuchel defeated Zidane at Stamford Bridge and qualifies for the final round to meet City.

Kanti, Kanti, is full and fulfilled your praise in every match you play, a machine in the middle of the field and a great support for attack and defense, supernatural physical energy, God willing.

Calculated for Sarri changing position of Kante.

Tuchel full score in front of the top coaches, sweep all.

The amount of wasted chances may be decisive in the final, Tuchel, you must remedy the situation immediately.

Congratulations blues fans to qualify for the final.

Tuchel deserves the best coach of the year even if he loses the final. He made a real revolution in Chelsea since his arrival.

Chelsea is a real black horse in this tournament, born with the womb of suffering, to reach the final well-deservedly and deservedly, placing Zidane under pressure of blame with regard to psychological and mental preparation for a difficult team confrontation.

This proved that in going and despite this, the Real was not characterized by the ferocity, pressure, and fighting that should have been characterized.

A well-deserved qualification, first-round superiority, Bravo Mister Tuchel, a coach who proves once again that he is one of the best coaches and it is difficult to match.

Second successive Champions League final with two different teams

Hardluck for Meringue Lovers.

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