Autocad 2022 3d Model Documentation

The model documentation feature generates associative 2D drawings from AutoCAD and Inventor 3D models, and non-associative 2D drawings from 3D models produced by several non-Autodesk products.Note: Model documentation is available only on 64-bit systems.

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The basic building block of a model documentation 2D drawing is the drawing view object.

A drawing view is a rectangular object that contains a 2D projection of the 3D model. The border of the drawing view is visible only when you select the view or when you move the cursor over it. Although the drawing view border resides on the current layer, it does not print. The view geometry is always visible, and is created on a pre-defined set of layers. Since the view geometry is associative with the source 3D model, you cannot select view geometry to modify them. However, you can change the appearance of view geometry by modifying the properties of the layers view geometry is drawn on.

The first view you place on a drawing is a base view. Base views are drawing views that are derived directly from the 3D model.

Once a base view is placed in a layout, you can generate projected views from it. Unlike a base view, projected views are not directly derived off the 3D model. Instead, they are derived from a base view (or another projected view that already exists in a layout). The projected views maintain a parent-child relationship with the view it was generated from. The settings of a child view are derived from the parent. If required, you can override these settings.

You can also generate section views and detail views from any existing drawing view. A section view is a projected view that shows the interior details of a model. A detail view is a projected view that magnifies a selected portion of a model.

Once you create the views, you can attach notes, dimensions, symbols, and other annotations to the view geometry.

Drawing view objects are filtered out from all copy commands, but they can be moved, rotated or erased like any other object.


Drawing views created by a newer version of AutoCAD cannot be edited by an older version of AutoCAD. For example, drawing views created by AutoCAD 2014 cannot be edited in AutoCAD 2013, even though both versions of AutoCAD save to the same (AutoCAD 2013) file format. You cannot edit any drawing view properties, add new drawing views or update any drawing views in that drawing file.

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