Autocad 3D Navigation Tools

3D navigation tools allow you to view objects in a drawing from different angles, heights, and distances.

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Use the following 3D tools to orbit, swivel, adjust distance, zoom, and pan in a 3D view.

  • 3D Orbit. Moves around a target. The target of the view stays stationary while the camera location, or point of view, moves. The target point displays temporarily as a small, dark sphere. The method used for locating the target point is determined by the ORBITAUTOTARGET system variable.
  • Constrained Orbit. Constrains 3D Orbit along the XY plane or the Z axis.
  • Free Orbit. Orbits in any direction without reference to the planes. The point of view is not constrained along the XY plane of the Z axis.
  • Continuous Orbit. Orbits continuously. Click and drag in the direction you want the continuous orbit to move, and then release the mouse button. The orbit continues to move in that direction.
  • Adjust Distance. Changes the distance of objects as you move the cursor vertically. You can make objects appear larger or smaller, and you can adjust the distance.
  • Swivel. Simulates panning with a camera in the direction that you drag. The target of the view changes. You can swivel the view along the XY plane or along the Z axis.
  • Zoom. Simulates moving the camera closer to an object or farther away. Zooming in magnifies the image.
  • Pan. Starts the interactive 3D view and enables you to drag the view horizontally and vertically.

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