COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide V3

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide V3

To understand the extent of Covid 19, this guide was created. Just like in the movie the matrix there is the world that you see, and underneath that veil of lies is the truth. The truth is hard to swallow and the information contained here is not for the faint of heart. Therefore, as our heavenly father allows freedom of choice, in his likeness and image you have the freedom to stop reading, right now, and continue on with your life. You will get your news from media sources and expert opinions and that is perfectly fine. Most people are hopelessly dependent upon the current system and in the face of the truth will resort to defense mechanisms like denial. If you choose to lift the veil, I warn you that there is nothing that can remove this information from your brain. Once you are “awake” you cannot go back to sleep. Still want to know the truth? Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Note 1: If you are already familiar with predictive programming skip to page 28

Note 2: if you are already familiar with fake/news/misinformation skip to page 44

Note 3: If you are intimidated by the length of this document/page count – you may be suffering from a learning disability. We will NOT be making a dumbed down version – but feel free to rip this and create a cliff notes version if you please. There is a lot of content to cover so we have provided you with a table of contents to skip around.

Usage Guide

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Table of Contents

A. Preamble/Usage Guide
B. Table of Contents
C. Predictive Programming – Crash course

  • Origins of Predictive Programming
  • 9/11 Predictive programming example

D. Predictive Programming – Coronavirus Pandemic Specific

  • Eyes of Darkness/ End of Days
  • Netflix – My Hero Terrius
  • Netflix – Containment
  • The Purge: Election Year
  • 2012 UK Olympics Ceremony – Dancing Doctors/Nurses/Tiktok
  • Event 201 – November simulation about Covid pandemic
  • Madonna new Album – Madonna X
  • Wuhan Virus Genome
  • Wilson/Ellen Degeneres/JayZ/Lady Gaga
  • Rap song predicts coronavirus from 2013
  • Space jam
  • The Simpsons
  • Kobe Bryant
  • I Pet goat II
  • Tiger king
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics
  • The Economist covers 2015 and 2016
  • Numerology of 65 and 33

E. Misinformation and Fake News – Coronavirus

  • Muammar Gadaffi quote
  • Facts understood currently about Covid19
  • Bill Deblasio
  • NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Mayor of Florence Italy
  • Governor Cuomo
  • President Trump
  • 2020 Stock Market Crash
  • Market Crash Adv. Knowledge – Senator/Corp Execs sold stock
  • Larry Kudlow advised Americans to buy stock
  • WHO says no human to human transmission
  • USA Surgeon General – Don’t buy masks p
  • Comparison – Masks vs. No Masks and Mask Guide
  • Bogus claim – Mask Increase risk of infection
  • Face coverings now recommended – 3 months late
  • Transmission revealed – Airborne/Asymptomatic

F. Scientific Research – The True Origin of Coronavirus – China

  • Vaccines “The cure to stop the madness”
  • Proof – US Scientists have history of creating DEADLY viruses for “pandemic research”
  • Bush/Obama warn of pandemic
  • 2013 Study – SARS-Coronavirus infects humans though ACE2 pathway
  • 2015 Study- SARS-COV Shows potential for human emergence
  • 2015 – Italian News Network Story: Deadly SARS-COV chimera created by USA/China
  • 2014 – After creating deadly SARS-COV Chimera virus – USA stops research/China cont.
  • 2007 Study about SARS-COV – “bat coronavirus is a time bomb”
  • 2003-2007 – USA Govt/ CDC/ Secretary of Health Michael Leavitt literally patent SARS-COV
  • Secretary of Health Michael Leavitt – Fox news article – “what we must do about coronavirus”
  • SARS-COV and SARS-COV2(Covid19) 79.6% and 96% Identical to KNOWN SARS Coronaviruses!
  • Israel was working on vaccine before pandemic “we got lucky lol”
  • Closing Thoughts – Archive of all Coronavirus information/Videos. Out of Darkness video link

The origins of Coronavirus – Predictive Programming

Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning. Basically when a person is exposed to repeat stimuli, the shock factor is taken out of the equation. For example, if you open a bag of Doritos, the first chip is bursting with flavor, the second and third chip taste great, the fourth and fifth chip taste good, and by the time you get to the 6th chip – what was “amazing” is now normal. If used cunningly and manipulatively this can be done in the opposite way. If you have a person and you feed them shit, the first time will be a horrible experience, but the 6th time – based on conditioning – will be easier to tolerate than the first time.

Predictive programming follows this principle, by repeatedly showing the general population some “idea”, it isn’t as shocking when it actually happens. The ruling authorities, the governments, the shadow governments, the special interests, media outlets, advertisers, Hollywood producers, and record labels all collectively start pushing certain narratives until it becomes normal. They do this by predictive programming. They show you images and elaborate stories so by the time it actually happens in real life it is not a shock to you. It becomes easy to accept anything – even misinformation – as reality.

The sinister part of this is that on the surface it looks like a coincidence, but the harsh reality is that for decades before major worldwide events happen, predictive programming took place.

It should be stressed that predictive programming is a SUBTLE form of psychological conditioning. Some of what you will see in this section will be completely overt and glaring in your face. Some of what you will see in this section will be more mild. tm

Coincidences do happen, but I want you to pay attention to the sheer amount of coincidences. We all suspect stupid stuff from time to time, but when its repeated and blatent and across multifaceted content sources it becomes clear that it should not be downplayed.

Here is a clear example of cartoons over a period of time predicting 9/11. It’s weird. Do your own research on that – this isn’t about 9/11 it’s about coronavirus.

All of the images were released BEFORE 9/11, sometimes 20 years before. And there are thousands of examples, you can just search up predictive programming 9/11 or any other worldwide event. It’s not just a coincidence that cartoons showed the twin towers being blown up.

Predictive programming in regard to Coronavirus

Book on right: Author Dean Koontz wrote a book called “The Eyes of Darkness” here is a passage from that book. Link:

Book on left: Author Sylvia Browne wrote a book called “End of Days” here is passage from that book. Also link:

Netflix Series My Secret Terrius Episode 10 – Released in 2018 had a story about a “Mutant

Coronavirus” Link:

Netflix Series from 2015 “Containment” is a series about a lab made virus that escaped which forced the CDC to quarantine a city. The series shows that the CDC blatantly lied about the origins of the virus and manipulated the police force and politicians to go along with a false narrative. In this series it exposed the idea of ​“gain of function”​studies done by the government. Series also shows societal collapse because of viral outbreaks.


The movie “The Purge: Election Year” is not about a deadly virus, but it is about a massive number of people dying during an election year. 2020 is an Election year and it is the year of Coronavirus. Also on the front Cover of the Movie Art – there is a man wearing a gas mask – coincidence? Probably not. Also the statue of liberty which is probably a nod to new york being the worst epicenter of the virus on earth.

2012 UK Olympics opening ceremony – an empty stadium was rushed with doctors and nurses wheeling patient beds. After that the nurses and doctors dance the night away. Tiktok is flooded these days with doctors and nurses doing dance routines. Also sporting events are done without a live audience to meet social distancing guidelines.

Stadium flooding:​​

Nurses Dancing w/ tiktok comparison:​​

Event 201 was a simulation run by John Hopkin’s university in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda gates foundation about a pandemic that killed 65million people. This ​happened in November 2019 literally months before the coronavirus Pandemic. ​Unironically – the viruswas a ​coronavirus​which caused a severe acute respiratory syndrome. The stock market also crashed and travel was restricted. It can be watched here:

Madonna released a new album called “Madonna X”. There is a lot to unpack here so pay attention. The Typewriter on the album is a “Corona” typewriter and every sentence starts with “A” and in a row it forms “AAAAAAAAA”, Coronavirus scientific name is SARS-COV2. The genome for SARS-COV ends in 33 A’s – PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUMBER 33!!! More on this later.

Genome can be found here:

Summary of Genome can be found here:

Madonna Album can be found here:

8 . Madonna again – This time a live performance she did with Quavo singing her song off the album Madonna X called “Future”

Video can be watched here at this exact time stamp: 4:50​​-​Madonna is wearing a crown. Crown in spanish is Corona. The people around the “Corona” are wearing gas masks and they have flowers on their heads signifying spring time.​​-​at this time 6:00 Madonna sings while pointing at the audience – “not everyone is coming to the future”. I’ll put it bluntly – “not everyone is coming to the future” means not everyone is going to survive.

For whatever reason it’s not only Madonna that is pushing this AAAAAAAAA thing either.

A painting by Jean Michel Basquiat – can be seen here: The painting is a reference to Wilson from the Tom Hanks movie Castaway, but the AAAAAAA being the end of the SARS-COV genome is interesting. It’s also interesting that Jay Z, Ellen Degeneres, and Lady Gaga all have been pushing the Wilson and AAAAAAAAAAA thing in recent years.

  1. Space Jam – a movie from 1996 shut down the NBA with people in hazmat suits. What the guy said is literally word for word what was said when the NBA commissioner shut down the NBA in 2020 in response to the coronavirus. Notice the guys in hazmat suits in the back drop.

Simpsons predicts coronavirus – watch the clip – they talk about “releasing a deadly virus to the public” A media conclave that speaks about “getting americans back where they belong, glued to their TV (quarantine)”.​​

Kobe Bryant’s death was not only predicted but possibly was the catalyst signal. A show by the name of Legends of CHamberlain which aired on comedy central. In a certain episode titled “End of Days” which aired on 11/16/2016 Kobe bryant was seen dying in a helicopter accident. Which is literally how he died in real life last year. What’s even weirder is the air date has two 6’s on 11/16/2016 – but if you add up the rest of the numbers 1+1+1+2+1+0 = 6 making 666. Clip of him dying can be seen here:​​

News article of his death:

But how exactly does this play into coronavirus? Well Coronavirus is SARS-COV2, but the non scientific name – the name it was given is called Covid-19.

Well if you translate Covid to Hebrew and back to English on google translate it translated to Kobe. ​UPDATE 4/20/20 – THIS NO LONGER WORKS – Google fixed it. Video proving this worked: ​

Video proving this was updated: ​

I Pet Goat II is a weird symbolic youtube clip that has predicted a ton of stuff over the years. The video itself is over 7 years old. The video was made by Heliofant studios Video is here:​​

Heliofant studios logo – the O in the middle is the Corona of the sun. Again a play on “corona”

Lets analyze the video.

The beginning you can see a concentration camp with “snow” on the ground. In fact in concentration camps they burned bodies in the crematories and the snow was actually ashes of human flesh. During the coronavirus pandemic there have been so many people dead that we had to burn bodies. So the symbolism of a concentration camp with the flakes of burned bodies is no coincidence.

Clip ​- ​

Associated news story:

In this clip you can see the crescent moon behind osama bin laden. A marker for ominous activity. In fact before the coronavirus pandemic, a photographer in a muslim nation took a picture of the horizon that had the same red horned moon.

Associated news story:

In the next clip the market collapse was predicted. In the eyes of the person, you can see the words “Markets plunged” then “War coverage next” and actually if you look you can see the indexes S&P 500 and Nasdaq down and specific numbers. Not a coincidence. -before-it-133691

In this clip you can see a man drowning in mucous secretions – just like coronavirus

In this clip you can see Tiananmen Square – which is symbolic for china. A Person standing in front of a row of tanks

At this time you see a dead guy who wears a ring touching the shoulder of the girl with the tiger shirt. Few things here – a guy who was known for wearing an extremely gaudy ring was just killed – Qassem Soleimani so that is the symbolism there. The tiger looks like Chinese new year

  • year of the tiger, only problem is it’s not the year of the tiger it’s the year of Rat. But nevertheless 2020 is a year where EVERYONE is talking about tigers. So yea it is year of the tiger – year of Netflix Tiger King. uilds-community-column/5133790002/

Right after that, you see fireworks in the background, but the fireworks don’t behave like normal fireworks, they maintain a certain shape and they don’t disappear. They look like the microscopic structure of coronavirus. Also the girl turns around and has a biohazard symbol on her cheek. So we have China, Coronavirus structure, death, and a biohazard symbol. The tiger symbolism and the craze for tiger king during the pandemic, and the shiny ring on the hand of the dead guy preceding the virus.

Notice the biohazard symbol on her right cheek – coronavirus is a biological weapon.

There was a big focus on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Look at their logo, then look at a cross section of coronavirus.

The Economist is a magazine whose cover oddly predicts the future. But we know that is just predictive programming, let’s see the programming for coronavirus.

The 2016 cover –

  • The lower right hand corner has a guy reading a book titled “The future, a novel” This Covid 19 is called “Novel” Coronavirus 2019.
  • Also there is an olympics logo with a small grey coronavirus cell structure posing as a ball. Again – there is no ball that looks like coronavirus and there is no sport at the olympics that uses a ball similar to that. Not coincidence. As you already know the 2020 olympics logo is the cross section of coronavirus. Somehow 4 years ago, the economist predicted that the year of the olympics there would be a “novel” coronavirus
  • Now we have the sun yet again, where as you know from earlier the “corona” of the sun is just symbolism for the word corona.
  • So we have “Novel”, “Corona”, a ball that looks like a virus structure, and the Olympics logo to signify the year.

16 Economist 2015 cover

There are a couple of things here, some are in regard to other events but some are related to coronavirus. The first is the tortoise (bottom center) and the number 11.3 (bottom right). In Europe they put the day first then the month, in America we put month first then date, but the Economist is a european publication, so 11.3 actually refers to March 11th, on March 11th Trump addressed the nation from the oval office and declared coronavirus a national pandemic and shut down all travel from european nations. Very weird how a 2015 cover could be so spot on with the significance of a date.

Trump Speech​: ​ WHO also declared global pandemic this day:

Other historical dates 3/11​: ​

March 11th is ALSO the date of the first reported case of the last pandemic that killed a ton of people – the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Now what about the tortoise? – The tortoise refers to the washington seahawks stadium – Century link field. – Which is shaped like a tortoise.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-37.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-38.png

What does the century link field have to do with coronavirus? Well the outbreak epicenter in the USA was initially in Washington state. Century link field was converted to a field hospital for pandemics. G5V2FCBLOJMP4GIYHXKJE/

Also what is more interesting is the artwork tower in front of the century link field.

You can google “Century link field” to do your own research if you are skeptical.

The top is a petri dish, the second is a corona with a medical cross in the center. The green circle shows dead bodies scattered and the living are confined in blocks, the bottom are chimneys with smoke again referring to the crematoriums. The number of people in the green circle is not a coincidence either – 33 dead bodies, and 65 people confined. 33 is the highest degree in freemasonry, and 65 refers back to the event 201 simulation that stated 65 million people would die.

They love that number 65 – see pic below.

Times 65 occurs in relation to Coronavirus.

  • Melinda Gates 65th day of her age for that year. From her birthday 8/15/1964 to the date Event 201 took place on 10/18/19 – it was exactly 65 days. Bill and Melinda gates foundation was the primary donor and collaborator with John Hopkins University to run that simulation. Just a refresher – this was a simulation about a worldwide pandemic caused by a SARS Coronavirus.
  • During the simulation 65 million people died.
  • Century link field has exactly 65 people depicted in the green bubble “organized into columns” aka organized into quarantine.
  • The word “Pandemic” itself if converted to numbers by a process called “gematria” equals 65. Test it out for yourself: ​​​just type Pandemic and see what number comes out. See image below if you trust me.

Now you may be wondering, what about the other number in the green circle? What about the 33? Well 33 is the highest degree in freemasonry – you can do your own research on that, but 33 was pushed way more than 65. In fact here are all the headlines in relation to coronavirus that pushed the number 33. You were still asleep then so you didn’t notice, but now you are one of us so behold.

There is more.. Continue on to the next page.. But just a quick reminder if you forgot the significance of 33 in regard to coronavirus. Remember at the beginning I told you to pay attention to the number 33?

I could write a 1000 page book on all the instances, open your eyes and expose the bullshit.

This coronavirus was well known way in advance clearly.

“Oh but that’s an absurd accusation” No it’s not. I proved to you Hollywood and the media knew. Now for the governments, WHO, CDC and the rest. They all knew.

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide V3

What do we now know about this virus?

  • It is an airborne/contact illness
  • It can be transferred from person to person
  • It severely attacks the lungs
  • It causes a severe cytokine inflammatory response
  • It does NOT discriminate against age – young people also die.
  • Social distancing slows the spread
  • Wearing masks are encouraged in areas where social distancing cannot be avoided aka in public.
  • It is not the flu, does not act like the flu, and is not subject to flu standards
  • The virus will not stop with “heat” as extremely hot places like Africa also have the virus

Do you think we only know that because this is a BRAND NEW VIRUS and we figured this out now? Open your eyes you poor child. You have been lied to.

Bill De Blasio tweet:​

NYC Health Comissioner Oxiris Barbot:

Nancy Pelosi visits China town to “combat fear” and fight “racism” during the coronavirus pandemic. Now you see how they use race to control people. They manipulate sore spots. 247/

Again manipulating the race angle, they led people to hug a chinese person during a time where you are literally not supposed to hug ANYBODY.

At the same time that this was going on we had non medical professionals claiming to know about risk. Just a reminder, if a non medical person gave medical advice to somebody and they died because of it – they would be imprisoned for impersonating a medical professional and likely be brought up on manslaughter charges whether negligent or not. No slap on the wrist. -93ae-42affa09c313.html

Trump also with this narrative – both democrats and republicans were downplaying the virus. y-low-administration-effectively-handling-n1143756

Over and over again it was downplayed, and on the news multiple leaders spoke about remaining calm, here is a list of Trump saying to remain calm over a period of 3 weeks.

So during this time the president was trying to calm down people and tell them everything was ok – the stock market crashed.

Notice the dates –

February 20th – March 16th. This is when the majority of Americans realized coronavirus was not bullshit, this was when the average normie started panic selling. But what about politicians? When did they panic sell? ​After a whitehouse classified briefing.

Link is here:

If you think the politicians and corporate interests were not in bed with each other – think again. How are corporate executives privy to classified briefings? 85042204

So if they didnt know how bad coronavirus is, why would they sell stock? Also why did they tell you to remain calm and BUY stock? ​Remember – in order to sell a stock, somebody has to buy it right?

Why did Larry Kudlow – The National Economic Council Director – ADVISE PEOPLE TO BUY STOCK, at the EXACT SAME TIME as Politicians and Corporate Executives SELLING STOCKS!?

You can’t make this shit up. -buying-stocks.html

People lost some money, who cares right? While the average everyday person lost money, the rich got richer through clever manipulation of information they are privy to.

Regardless, it is just money, they print it and it’s worthless. To these people -money is worth more than your life and the lives of your loved ones. With the information these people had on hand – what did they do?

In the beginning the World Health Organization (WHO) claimed there was no evidence of human to human transmission. We now know this is completely false. This got people killed.

Reminder: “The absence of evidence is NOT the evidence of absence”. Reassuring people based on preliminary “absence of evidence” is literally negligent.

First, there was “No evidence of human to human transmission”, which was echoed by many people under the guise of “just live your lives there is nothing to worry about”. Second, they told people not to wear masks and not to buy them.

This is an advertisement from the World Health Organization. Initially masks were said to be NOT effective in preventing the general public from catching the coronavirus. Then the WHO literally said do not wear a facemask if you are well. Again – this literal fake news misinformation got people killed. People caught coronavirus and died because of this.

The trajectory for rates of infection were different for countries that had masks vs. those that advised against it. It seems that wearing masks did have an effect on the rate of infection.

Here is some information on different masks – why did the WHO and CDC not give this information to the public???

They even went as far as to say masks INCREASE infection risk – onavirus-they-might-increase-your-infection-risk/#26ab25cd676c

This is clear misinformation because they suggested the complete opposite going as far as to suggest covering your face with a t-shirt which would be better than nothing!

Not surprisingly covering your face with a T shirt is better than nothing. ml

Three months went by, there was no social distancing for 2 months, and for 3 months no face masks were worn. We now know that there was ASYMPTOMATIC transmission from person to person for up to 21 days. ​The virus proliferated for months without any mitigating factors. -symptoms

It’s all so tiresome. ​The way they present the information is as if they are learning new information as time goes on​. Why would they allow the virus to proliferate for months? Letus not forget that the end result has always been the push for a vaccine to “save us” from coronavirus. The more people that are sick and have lives negatively affected by the virus – the more desperate the general population will become. The more desperate the population

  • the more ready recipients for a vaccine. The more vaccines that get sold, the more profit. Money is the root of all evil.
  • There has been a solid push for 18
  • months to a vaccine.
  • Remember – Gaddafi said:
  • 1.  They create the virus
  • 2.  They create the cure
  • 3.  They take their time pretending to find the cure.

If they don’t take time to find the cure then your life won’t be disrupted enough for you to jump for the cure.

If you’ve made it this far – now it’s time to unload the real information. All the information before this was your initiation to prime you to be able to understand the gravity of the real info.

Coronavirus is 100% lab made.

Welcome to Reality.

Thanks for taking the Red Pill normie, you’re now one of us. Let’s get to the real information. Pay attention because this is where it all comes together.

Governments create and study viruses in labs. The United States government has COLLABORATED with China on these endeavors. This information is not hidden, but is conveniently missing from every discussion about coronavirus. This fact is NEVER discussed on news or government press briefings. It is a dirty secret, open your eyes and learn this information. Read and understand. Be still and know.

In 2014 (Yes 6 years ago) this article was published: adly-new-flu-strain-for-pandemic-research-9577088.html

In 2006 (Yes 14 years ago) former President Bush warned the nation about a pandemic –

this guide was created then:

Watch Bush’s 2005 speech:​​

Watch Obama’s 2014 speech:​​

So you have to ask yourself, what does the president of the United States know that forces him to make a speech like that? How does this link with the current coronavirus pandemic?

A study in 2013 claims a bat SARS-like coronavirus uses the ACE2 receptor. More importantly the abstract says that intermediate hosts may not be necessary for ​direct human infection by some bats​.

So we have established bats can directly infect humans. In 2015 – two years later this article came out.

So now we’ve established that there is a potential for human emergence.. But what’s interesting here is WHY there is a potential for human emergence. It’s because the researchers made a man-made chimera virus by combining two different viruses in order to give the virus artificial functions – extraordinary abilities that the virus in nature would not have.

An italian news network called TGR in 2015 covered this story: watch video here:

The researchers were both of American and Chinese nationality. And as the news network noted ​-​the USA government called for a moratorium on virus research​,​and also suspended its research of this virus. ​​Why is that fact not being blasted on the news now? ​China continued research. Wuhan institute of virology opened in 2015!!!! THE


China has been studying this for more than a decade as well as the USA.

Here is a study from 2007:

PDF here​: ​

The study here labels this situation ​“a time bomb”. ​Note – This is a State Key Laboratory of Emerging infectious diseases – University of Hong Kong. As far back as 2007 they were studying this.

What about the USA government? How far back were they studying this virus?

Well seeing as there is a patent for SARS-COV isolated from humans which was filed in 2003​…. It’s approximately 20 years since they had to have done research on it well beforethey filed the patent.

Link to patent​​

PDF of patent:

Notice how​​the patent for the virus was assigned to “The government of the united states of

America as Represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health”. This is the guy:

Michael Leavitt is now a Fox News contributor. ​Why has fox news not using him for investigative journalism in regard to the origins of the virus???​He – as a contributor – wrote an opinion column on the Coronavirus:

In this article this man literally lies and says we have no clue about this virus when in fact – a patent on the virus was assigned to him during his service as secretary of health!!

Do you understand what you’re dealing with? He said it himself – the vaccine is six to nine months away IN A BEST CASE SCENARIO. There is more than one wave so we need the vaccine.​​Again pushing for the solution but never questioning how did we get here in the first place?

Some of you must be reading and thinking that this is SARS-COV were talking about, not SARS-COV2 – well as it turns out – SARS-COV2 is 79.6% EXACT MATCH to SARS-COV patented by the government, and also it is 96% EXACT MATCH to already existing bat coronavirus genomes. The same bat coronaviruses which were studied for DECADES by USA and China. The virus used the same ACE2 receptor that was discussed in the 2013 article from above. Furthermore – this article is from january 20th 2020.

I hate to take it there, but the question is – how the hell did the governments drop the ball on this? THEY CREATED THE VIRUS, THEY STUDIED THE VIRUS. How did they not know the mode of transmission? How did they not know what to do or how to prepare? The only logical conclusion is that they pretended to not know with maliciously sinister intent to allow the virus to proliferate.

Why would they do this? Open your eyes. This virus is completely known. They were already working on the vaccine even before the outbreak. onavirus-vaccine-619101

“Let’s call it pure luck” Let’s call that bullshit.


And it begins. Now they have what they want. A deadly virus, and a public ready to accept the cure. And as of literally 4/19/20! A scientist is granted the patent for a novel coronavirus vaccine. A lot of people need to be investigated.

Closing thoughts

The novel coronavirus – SARS COV2 was created in a lab. There is proof that this virus is almost identical to previously lab created coronaviruses and lab studied bat coronaviruses. The city of Wuhan where the virus originally had its outbreak – is home of a virology lab where it is presumed that this virus “leaked” out from. All the predictive programming revealed that this virus was planned from a very long time ago. There are people that have already made a financial gain from this pandemic and there are people right now as we speak with their mouths watering looking to reap profits from the havoc that they have caused. The media will never report on this information or be as bold to insinuate anything written in here. That is because the media is controlled by intelligence agencies to pour misinformation propaganda into the general public to keep the population under control and docile. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many unanswered questions that you should investigate.

Watch this video titled “Out of Shadows” which is a documentary that lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading misinformation throughout their content.


For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything​hidden that will not be known and come to light. Luke 8:17

Spread this knowledge, make it viral. We pass this torch on to You. Research this!!!

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide V3

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide

COVID19 is a Biological Weapon Full Document Guide V3

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