How To Install / Run Android Apps On Windows 11 | Get into pc

Microsoft announced Windows 11 on Thursday. During the launch event, the Tech Giants made a surprise announcement that users would be able to run android apps on Windows 11.

How To Install / Run Android Apps On Windows 11 | Get into pc

The apps will run natively on Windows 11 and will be available for download from the Amazon Appstore. This will in turn be available on the new updated Windows store. The process sounds a bit confusing so let us tell you what we know so far.

Agreeing to an build at Microsoft, Windows 11 clients will have the capacity to sideload Android apps onto the working framework, which looks like an reply to one of the greatest questions we had when Microsoft declared it was bringing Android apps to Windows 11 through the Amazon Appstore (through Android Police). This implies that once Windows 11 dispatches, you won’t fair have to be adhere to the apps that Amazon makes accessible, but it does raise a few modern questions around how running Android apps on Windows will work. For case, it’s hazy what the method for running or introducing a sideloaded app will be. Chrome OS in fact has the capacity to run sideloaded apps, as well, but the method isn’t precisely simple, because it includes empowering Linux and doing a few command line work. We inquired Microsoft for subtle elements around what running Android apps from exterior the Amazon Appstore would be like, and it given us with the taking after explanation:

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