Jon Snow a king without Crown

Jon Snow, Aegon Targaryen, saved humanity from extinction by making everyone realize the threat of White Walker was real. Without him, nobody would have believed the White Walkers were real. He lost his life for saving Wildlings and came back. He saved Sansa’s life in season 6 when she had nowhere else to go. But, that’s not important, is it? It was not important it seemed. Sansa forgot it maybe. That’s why she agreed to send Jon Snow back to the wall so that she could wear the crown as the Queen of the North. She used him for her own benefits. She treated him like a bastard, from the beginning to the end.

Undermined him in every situation. Jon’s brother Bran also treated Jon as a bastard. He knew Jon’s identity and what he did for the realm. But, he decided to forget everything and send Jon away like a bastard so that he could rule the six kingdoms in place of Jon Snow. Why reveal Jon’s identity then? He should have let Jon be a bastard in Jon’s mind always. Why light up the candle of hope when you will destroy the candle in the end? Jon Snow killed his love of life for saving the realm. The man lost his love, not once but two times. He sacrificed himself for saving the realm which doesn’t care about him at all. They will not sing songs about him, they will not commemorate him. But, he always will be the unsung hero of Westeros and the world of A Song of Ice and Fire.

What makes Jon Snow and Arya Stark so special in this show is that when surrounded by so many ambitious plotters and schemers, they had the strength of mind to not crave it. They turned it down and, believe me, that takes some presence of mind. Jon Snow accepted a role simply to help and serve his people like the old Kings of Winter. His one fallacy, however, is that by refusing to engage in the games that other people were playing, he was manipulated by them all the same to his disadvantage. In this way, he was as much Ned Stark‘s boy as any of them.

I love him so much and he deserved recognition for his deeds. But I do feel like he basically wanted to go back to the wall. The unsullied left for good. So there was nothing really stopping him from actually not going. His heart belongs beyond the wall. He knew he’d always return there if he made it out alive. He never wanted glory or fame or to be a king. His spirit is broken and he is tired of the political games. Even though he at one point did want to be lord of Winterfell as a child. His heart has changed. While I wish he would have been given the option rather than a “sentence”. And I wish he would have mentioned something like the line of fire and blood will end with me.

Live free, Jon Snow.

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