‘My children were starving’ Jason Momoa

 Despite the fame that Jason Momoa is achieving at the moment after his success in several works of art, this thing did not happen quickly as “Jason” was suffering from a real financial crisis before achieving this fame.

Financial crisis of jason momoa

The famous actor “Jason Momoa” revealed that he struggled to provide food for his family after a short appearance in the famous fictional drama “Game Of Thrones”,
Which aired on HBO, and has suffered from a bleak period of unemployment since the character’s murder in 2011 and the suspension of his role in the TV series.
The actor achieved immediate success and interaction with the followers of the series, which was very popular thanks to his portrayal of the character of the Dothraki leader Khal “Drogo” for 10 episodes during his first season, in line with the original script, although the series was presented 8 seasons later.

Jason momoa passed away in second season, but when Game Of Thrones became a global hit, Momoa was left behind and eventually faced two years of unemployment.

“Momoa” told InStyle that he could not support his wife, “Lisa Bonet” and their two children, “Lula Yulani” – now 13 years old – and “Nakwa Wolf Manakwabo Namakaiha” – 11 years old – after the character he embodied in the events in 2011 was killed, and he continued: We were We starve after the character in the series ends, and this is difficult for anyone with young children.

Actor and director

Years later, “Momoa” starred in the movie “The Road to Paloma” that he wrote and directed in 2014, after he starred in the TV series The Red Road, and his career was given a lifeline when he was cast in the main starring role in the movie. «Aquaman» which topped box office revenue two years ago.

Superhero with millions

With a superhero character, the movie grossed more than $ 1.1 billion at box offices worldwide, making him one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars and highlighting the remarkable change in his income.

Happy life of jason Momoa

“Momoa” married his colleague “Lisa” in 2017 after a relationship that lasted 12 years, during which they had two children, and he shares her son’s upbringing from her previous marriage, who admitted that he worked hard to develop his relationship with him and to feel his paternity towards him as well, and he said: “I did not know what it was. It takes to be a father, and I don’t just want to be a father to my son. 

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