Nio ET7 2021: Tesla electric car competitor

Nio ET7 2021: Tesla electric car competitor

Nio ET7 2021: Tesla electric car competitor

The future is in smart, electric, and autonomous vehicles, and we aim to lead the way for user experience. When the ownership experience exceeds expectations, electric vehicles will simply become the natural choice for everyone, leading to a more sustainable tomorrow. In the past, cars gave people the freedom of mobility. In the future, cars will go one step further and free people from driving, giving them the freedom of time. 

Find out about the popular Tesla electric car competitor. It’s Nio ET7 2021 Chinese car Where the Nio company is a Chinese company that competes with Tesla, especially in the Chinese market, especially after Tesla achieved great sales and its global success.
Nio ET7 review

As for its price, it is close to about $ 40,000 dollars, which is almost half the price of a Tesla Model X car, and this is not new in the world of Chinese industrial competition.

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One of the new features is that the batteries ⏱️🔌 are easy to change and are changed at the charging stations and leave the empty batteries in the company’s station. This will save time for drivers not to wait for their car batteries to be charged and not to take their time from traveling while the time to change the batteries takes only minutes at a rate of 3 minutes each Battery

There are 3 options of batteries

  1. with a capacity of 70 kWh with a range of 500 km
  2. With a capacity of 100 kWh with a range of 700 km
  3. with a capacity of 150 kWh with a range of 1000 km

Some Nio car weakness

One of the disadvantages is that it has small storage space for batteries. It carries only 13 batteries due to its narrow space

What are Nio car Features?

  1. The car has 644 horsepower and 850 Nm torque and accelerates from 6 to 100 km per hour in 3 to 9 seconds ⏱️⏱️
  2. The car has a self-driving system developed by the American company Tesla, according to the company saying Nio, with cameras with a resolution of 8 megabytes, while the resolution of the cameras in Tesla cars was between 1 to 10 megabytes, and he also mentioned the advantage of fast processors that are faster than Tesla company.

Nio ET7 2021 ready for tomorrow: Electric Chinese Car

Nio ET7 2021: Tesla electric car competitor
Nio ET7 2021 ready for tomorrow

Nio becomes the first company to send a real, direct threat to Tesla’s owner, Elon Musk

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Nio ET7 2021: Tesla electric car competitor

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