AIKOFUL Premium Adjustable Queen Size Goose Down Feather Pillow with 100% Natural Cotton Cover (Queen Size)



Product Description


EXCELLENT SLEEPING EXPERIENCE! Our Adjustable 3 layer white goose down pillow is soft, supportive and hypoallergenic. Adjust effortlessly when you move around. So fluffy that can hold the loft through all day. AIKOFUL Household Bedding cares about our customers’ sleep environment and offers excellent products to our customers.
WHY WE CHOOSE DOWN AND FEATHER & Bamboo Rayon? Down and feather has been the top choice for filling in bedding. This pillow is stuffed with down and feather and is so nice that can support you head and neck.
Bamboo rayon is breathable to be the outer pillow filling. Soft but not flat to hold your head. Making a good sleeping height. This just-right pillow is the best choice for someone who can’t sleep well at night.

WHY NOT PICK OUR PILLOWS? 1. Our pillows wrap your head and neck gently while sleeping. 2. They adjust effortlessly when you move around. They love to be scrunched up or folded into the perfect sleeping position under your head. 3. Firm pillows prop your back up while playing with mobile phone or watching TV.



User Guide

1.Recommend dry-cleaning or to use pillow cases.
2.We do not recommend machine washing. If necessary, please dry cleaning with low heat.
3.Upon receipt, air them for several hours to fluff up.
4.Keep dry and clean before collection.

Sleep well at night, wake up refreshed in the morning!

Providing you an valuable and healthy bedding.

Soft & Firm–take your pick. 3 layer inner pillow is adjustable by yourself. Suitable for back sleepers, stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

Grace your bed with the fluffy comfort found in fine hotels featuring an increased amount of down and feathers over our AIKOFUL pillow.
No compressed pacakage. Fast recovery to the original shape.

Attention please: we use small size zipper for making the pillow more luxury. Please be slowly when you pull on the zipper.

Queen size 20×28″

100% cotton shell

100% bamboo rayon & goose down feather

Double Needle Stitching

Customize thickness & adjustable support







Outer Pillow Filling

Superior bamboo rayon is soft yet supportve. Make the pillow perfectly support your head.

This special filling is breathable and hypoallergenic. ProvIde you a healthy and cooling sleeping experience.

3 Inner Pillow FIlling

The larger down clusters and feathers are softer and more resilient.

Feel comfortable due to the light and soft down clusters and feathers.

Adjustable Secret

3 layer goose down pillow could be easily taken out.

Softness or firmness is as you like.


Ultra-fresh Certificate Cotton Cover

1. Cotton fabric conforms with Ultra-fresh regulations. So you can make yourself easy to sleep with our pillows.
​2. 100% cotton down proof fabric is silky soft yet won’t allow down to escape.


Luxury Zipper Closure

Luxury small size zipper closure is convenient for adjusting pillows.

Small but exquisite to meet your need.


German stitching

1.Fine needle stitching enhances durability.

2.Stubborn stitching design prevents down and feather from shedding


Use in different places

1. Our pillows wrap your head and neck gently while sleeping.

2. Prop your back up while playing with mobile phone or watching TV.






100% Egyptian Cotton Cover
Queen Size: 20×28 inches. 100% Egyptian Cotton Cover.
Layer Pillow Design-3 individual pillows are stuffed into a large case. You can adjust the height of the pillow as you like. Easily add one or take one away to make the pillow softer or more supportive.
Each layer can be used as a individual thin pillow. If you’re looking for an adjustable pillow this is a great choice since you get three even four sorts of pillows!
Pillow Filling-Outer layer is selected rayon derived from bamboo. 3 Inner layer is goose down and feather. Fluffy outer bamboo rayon pillow designed with 3 inner pillows of soft goose down&feather.
Recommend sleeper-With 1 pillow insert you get a ultra-soft pillow. Suitable for children. With 2 pillow inserts is for those looking for soft pillows. With 3 pillow inserts is for those like firm pillows.
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