Clear Zippered Storage Bags | Closet Organizer Vinyl Bag for Bedding, Linen, Blankets, Duvet Covers, Comforters, Clothes & Toys | Multi Purpose & Space Saver PVC Organizers


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clear vinyl zippered storage bagsclear vinyl zippered storage bags

Looking for an efficient way to store your clothes and bed covers?

clear zippered storage bagsclear zippered storage bags

Even the most organized households also have it rough when it comes to storing big and thick-sized blankets and comforters. Having them folded is not enough. Eventually, they’ll be heaped with the rest of your items inside your closet.

Before submitting to a hasty decision of buying new furniture to put your coats and bed covers, try exploring to more cost-efficient options that can solve your storage problem in a jiffy.

End your storage woes with Wappa Home’s Clear Zippered Storage Bags!

blanket storage bags with zippers comforter bagblanket storage bags with zippers comforter bag

Each bag is made from thick PVC material that’s 2x thicker than conventional containers out there

linen storage bags comforter storage bagslinen storage bags comforter storage bags

Our bags can withstand tearing, ripping, punctures and impacts compared to thin and frail bags you usually encounter

storage bags for comforters and blanketsstorage bags for comforters and blankets

The edging is made from canvas which is extremely more durable than polypropylene and plastic.

blanket bag pillow storage bags clearblanket bag pillow storage bags clear

Worry no more, Wappa Home’s space-saving and durable storage containers are here to save the day

Store your beddings, coats, stuffed toys, comforters, sweaters, duvets, and much more without any worry. Our zippered storage bags can easily hold them all for as long as you need them stowed

Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision:

Heavy-duty zipper for quick and effortless access
Equipped with rigid handles for portability
Includes 3 bags for all your storage needs
Provides a compact and space-saving storage solution for your closets

Choose a reliable and versatile storage solution for your home! Add Wappa Home’s Clear Zippered Storage Bags to your Cart NOW!

EXTREMELY DURABLE – Our bags are made from heavy-duty PVC material for exceptional toughness as well as resistance to punctures and wearing compared to polypropylene or plastic alternatives.
THICKER THAN OTHERS – Unlike flimsy and thinner containers out there, we made sure that our product has the optimal thickness to protect your bedding, comforters and blankets.
CARRY WITHOUT WORRIES – Stow your freshly washed pillows and bed covers wherever you want to. Use our comfortable handles to put them anywhere in your home for compact storage.
STORE MORE ITEMS – Our zippered bag can hold up bigger and thicker linens, toys, blankets and comforters with plenty of room to spare. You won’t fall short in space to put them away.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We’re confident that our storage bags will help you organize your items. Should you encounter any issues, you can always count on our money-back guarantee
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