Play Your Way to Good Manners: Getting...



Discover the power of play!

  • Train your dog with exciting tricks, cool sports moves, and fun interactive games
  • Positive reinforcement training is fun for both dog and owner, and strengthens the canine-human bond
  • Effective strategies for impulse control, obedience, polite leash walking, and good manners around kids and strangers
  • Burn energy with fun games and recall practice, making your dog always want to return to you—even at the park

Have you ever wondered why dogs struggle to learn polite behaviors such as “Come” and “Off,” but they seem to naturally pick up “Paw” and “Fetch”? Because these things are fun, of course!

Dogs are playful animals, and they learn best when they’re enjoying the task at hand. Play Your Way to Good Manners shows you how to approach your dog’s manners training as a collection of cool tricks, exciting sports moves, and interactive games.  From politely walking on a leash or ringing a bell to giving you a paw or opening drawers, your dog’s attitude won’t be “I have to do this”—it will be “I want to do this!”

Accomplished dog trainers Kate Naito and Sarah Westcott have combined their professional experience to present manners training in a new and fun way. The authors have drawn from techniques used in canine sports, games, and trick training, and applied them to a positive-reinforcement manners training program that you and your dog can easily follow.

Inside Play Your Way to Good Manners you’ll learn strategies to teach your dog impulse control indoors, outdoors, and around distractions such as food or other dogs; coming to you when called, even in the park; polite leash walking; controlled interactions with kids and guests; basic and advanced behaviors and tricks; and games to burn energy and encourage good behavior.

It’s true that learning is more fun and effective when you’re having a good time. Discover how the same applies to training  your dog, with Play Your Way to Good Manners!

“In Play Your Way to Good Manners, authors Sarah Wescott and Kate Naito combine their love for our canine friends with their impressive skill in training. You will learn how to turn training into playtime with your pet, a wide variety of basic, intermediate, and advanced skills, and bring both you and your dog an unlimited supply of happiness!”
—Garry McDaniel, Author of Your Dog’s Guide to Happiness

“Using fun activities to bring out your dog’s best self makes this training style a whole lot more delightful than boring obedience exercises for you and your dog.”
—Tracie Hotchner, The Radio Pet Lady Network

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