Projectsam Symphobia colours orchestrator Full Download

Behold an industry first: real legato transitions for chords. For Colours: Orchestrator, ProjectSAM recorded major and minor chords with all possible transitions between them. For example, C major and F minor were recorded separately, as well as C major changing into F minor and vice versa. The result is extremely realistic, musical and evocative.

The two ensembles recorded for Orchestrator are strings performing with choir and brass performing with woodwinds. A full set of legato chords is available for these two arrangements. Major and minor chords are mapped to two regions on the keyboard, allowing you to trigger and connect them using single keys.

In addition to the legato chords, a number of other ensembles are available, including legato double basses performing with choir basses, violin with soprano sustains, various staccato chords as well as a bonus set of alternative chord orchestrations.

Orchestrator supports the NKS standard, offering easy searching, Light Guide and hands-on parameter control for NI Komplete and/or Maschine users. Each instrument type in Orchestrator has a consistent region on the keyboard. Chords are always mapped to the same octaves, so are low basses and high sustains. This makes it extremely easy to layer different sounds together. The included Multis give you a number of such combinations.

Orchestrator is an incredibly inspirational tool that will find its way into your orchestral template from day one.

Key features
Orchestrated major and minor chords with real chord change transitions
Recorded for 2 ensembles: brass with winds and strings with choir
Double basses & choir basses ‘Dark Basses’ legato instrument
3-Layer mod wheel dynamics
Bonus tremolo chords, flageolet sustains and staccato instruments
Bonus celli with double basses sustains from SYMPHOBIA
Free mode or scale locking option for chord instruments
3 concert hall mics with real-time mixing
On-the-fly octave shifting (nudge instrument mapping left or right)

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