Real Madrid vs Chelsea Champions League

What did Florentino Perez do to UEFA and FIFA?

Florentino Perez the Real Madrid boss had revolutionized the vision of football fans around the globe towards UEFA and FIFA. Perez stated questions through the three days of the European superleague to the UEFA and FIFA chiefs. What did Perez do? He was the only man among the presidents of European clubs who asked European Union President Alexander Ceferin about his salary and whether he reduced it as Peres reduced his salary, and whether the European Union will reduce the salaries of its employees as the clubs did.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

Real Madrid glory in Champions League Trophy

Today, the most club winner of the champions league in history, Real Madrid will play against Chelsea. players in Real Madrid considered being less enough to handle this type of game. especially after the departure of the great Cristiano Ronaldo 3 years ago on the night of the Champions League final.

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Real Madrid vs Chelsea

Why Real Madrid could beat Chelsea

Yet Real Madrid coach is known for his best luck in champions league finals. Zine Eddine Zidane is the first and the only coach in the recent decade that success to win the champions league three times in 3years. after the last four games against Atlanta and Liverpool, Real Madrid sent positive thoughts to Royal Fans’ to re-achieve the dream of a champions league trophy.

How can Chelsea beats Real Madrid

Chelsea with the new coach has reversed the Losses of Frank Lampard to wins with German coach Thomas Tuchel. By coincidence, the two clubs, Paris Saint-German and Chelsea that replaced their coach have taken a place in the semi-final of the champions league. Chelsea looks to repeat the 2012 surprise vs Barcelona and Bayer Munich this year 2021 vs Real Madrid, Paris Saint-German.

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

Real Madrid vs Chelsea

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